Quite a phrase right? I meant the Hampiness catching along with the happiness. Hampi! What a place to be visited atleast once, ask me why!

Number one: it’s a good, number two: it’s soo good, number three it’s freaking soo good! Actually Hampi was on top of my bucket list since I watched the Malayalam movie called Aanandham and the students used to go for a tour to Goa as their final destination for New year. Until I watched the movie, I didn’t know such a place like Hampi ever existed in India. Trust me, I really don’t know, so I started to search the Internet about the place and guess what? The curiosity for Hampi become twice and my heart was tingling soo bad to go there.

Soo cold out there in the morning

My buddy knows how much I used to talk about going to Hampi one day soon since 2018, seriously I was day dreaming about going to this place during my class. Hampi became the top priority of my bucket list and I was soo strong of keeping it there until i visit it! Finally I started to plan for Hampi as my exam’s started and started to ask my parents for going on this solo trip. But this time one surprise took place and it’s from my friend! He said that he’ll join me on this trip and I think I have built up his curiosity level just by talking to him about this place during our classes for more than just a year!

Hey you guys are everywhere in Hampi!

Finally our exam’s finished and the holiday’s started to roll in! We booked a twisty train route to reach Hampi and left our town on my very own birthday! Haha, thats’s right! On my birthday and my parents were feeling worried about me leaving on my birthday but we had no other choice because, the trains were only running two days in a week! 

To reach Hampi you must reach Hospet, the nearest town to Hampi because there is no direct train to Hampi. You can catch the buses running around Hospet to Hampi starting from morning 6 AM and there will be buses for every half an hour! You can also hire an auto rickshaw but I’m telling this also, you must start to bargain your ride! If you travel in bus you’ll only spend around 30 INR I guess, but incase of an auto they’ll ask you 300 INR. I still don’t know how they used to find the tourist but they can easily identify. Bargain as much as you can for a ride for 150 INR so that they will atleast come down to 200 INR. After reaching Hampi, you’ll know what to do on your own. 

Hello Hampi! Uhh… wait I forgot to tell you this! The only thing you should have with you at any cost is that, is a water bottle! This is because, you will walk a lot! I actually mean it! And you can only buy use and packaged water bottles if don’t carry your own bottle which I don’t recommend. You can refill your bottles in the homestays near you or the houses you pass!

Hello sun! what’s up?

Hello Hampi! We reached Hampi soo early that even rooster is still sleeping! So we walked around Hampi searching for our homestay and we got one near the Virupaksha temple! Hampi is actually divided into two parts. First is the temple and royal side and the second is the Hippie island and Sanapur lake.

We planned to finish the temple side on the first two days and spend the next two days on the Island side. We took a nap and went to the Virupaksha temple and had a good glimpse of the 14th century’s creation from the Vijayanagar rulers! No wonder why they are quite famous for their architecture because that’s how I was amazed on looking at it’s construction. Once you start your walk here, you’ll have your legs walking by it’s own. I’m telling this because all the places are situated soo close to each other and only some places are little bit far, so I would suggest you to rent bicycle and not a bike nor a moped because they charge you too much for a bike that is not even worth that rentable price. There are plenty of places where you can get bicycles so it’s a easy go for you there.

Quite an adrenaline rush to climb up there!

We climbed the Matanga hills for the sunrise and got disappointed by the fog. We rushed to get up that hill as the first to get there but it turned out we were second, guess who was the first to get up there? It was a tea selling boy who was sitting there in the dark hill top and waiting for the tourist to give them a cup of tea from his flask! Then we visited a lot of places and also got some fun by watching around the music instrument sellers playing all the bollywood songs in their flute. Pretty awesome right?

Sunrise with Mr.Fog on top of Matanga Hill

Everyone we saw in our path had rented a bike or hired an auto or has a car, but in our case we walked for each and every single corner of the first part of the Hampi! The temples are quite close to each other and the royal places like the queens bath, the famous stepped tank, lotus mahal are quite far away from the temple’s location. We didn’t know that until we are forced to walk for that much distance and it was the time the sun was on top of our head and we walked by having a great chat with each other so that we can’t feel the burden of walking.

Boulders boulders everywhere! And that’s the speciality of this place!

The third day we got ready to go to the hippie island. We took our belongings and left the first side and left to the hippie island side. The funny part of this is, the coracle ride was the designated way to reach the island but the time we went, the water flow was soo slow and water ain’t that deep, so we tread slowly over the Tungabhadra river by walk and got to the other side and the boat and coracle riders were watching us with a shock. Many people also started to follow us when they saw us reach the other side safely! But make sure the water is slow and be careful while you do this. We couldn’t find a stay at reasonable price at island since it was a day before new year. Everything was soo expensive just for the sake of new year! So we were forced to rent a bike and leave to sanapur lake side where we can find a stay! And we did find a place much reasonable than the places we requested for! So kept our bags in the stay and we had a whole ride around the lake side and Anegundi and also went to one cave temple which has a snake house inside it.

Tungabhadra River and me sharing some stories!

The hippie island gives you the complete hippie feeling and smell as soon as you reach there. We spent our new year eve at one cafe with some fellow couchsurfing buddies and we left quite a bit early to our stay, because our stay was in such place with soo much of private space and a peaceful environment and I started to stargaze as usual and i saw plenty of stars because of less light pollution in that Sanapur village. 

The other side of HAMPI! The Hippie island!

It’s 00:00 2020!!! Happy new year! We wished to each other. This is my first time celebrating a new year far from my home, but it was different. I came to Hampi for this! Yes, because i wanted to make this new year something meaningful for myself and get a better clarity and perspective for myself. I was still stargazing and I saw a huge “SHOOTING STAR” swiping the night sky with it’s beautiful trails and in few seconds it turned into dust. I felt something special in my heart that I haven’t experienced and I realized  that it is the universe that’s trying to tell me something. What a way to start a new year right! It was soo magical.

Cliff jumping in Sanapur lake!

We got up the next day and went to the famous Hanuman temple which is also called as the birthplace of Lord Hanuman. We went up there climbing around 572 steps i think, so we can see the beautiful sunrise. And again Mr.Fog came into action to spoil our view, but the fog moved away and we did get a glimpse of the sunrise. Lots of monkeys give you company while you are waiting for sunrise though. Make sure you don’t have any carry bags because they will come straight to you thinking you have something to eat.

We found the Hidden place!

Another thing about hampi is you can see this place flooded with lots and lots of cafe’s. You can get Indian, Italian, Iranian foods there. The another thing is that I had a Jio sim and a BSNL sim whereas my friend had a Vodafone and BSNL sim. The luckiest part for me is, having him around me because his networks worked everywhere and for me Jio only gave me peeking one point signal in most of the places. Many cafe’s have WIFI so you can ask them for the password when you go there.

The blues and greens gave me awww!

We had a little roam around the city and we packed our bags and ready for leaving the most wonderful place. I purchased some little items for my closed ones and i got myself a hippie themed backpack, and i would really love to say thanks to the wonderful girl who solo travels a lot chose that bag for me. Yes! We did meet in a little restaurant while having lunch and we had a great chat and we had a great time hanging out to some places around and talking some crazy things. Hope our paths cross in the will of the universe in future! Finally, we had to say goodbye to her and we left for our hometown.

The water level kept raising so we came to the top and took this picture!

Travelling to Hampi is one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life! Hampi never failed to amuse me and I was always like awww for the whole trip! Hampi had many secret places in it and Hampi is the best place to make you relieved from a stressful life. Take a break and go to Hampi and tell me how you feel about the vibes you get. I can never forget the memories you gave me Hampi! I’ll surely comeback to this place in future and until then Thank you and goodbye Hampi!!

We were down here and went up that rock!
The paddy’s around the Sanapur village will surely get you relaxed on no matter what kind of stress you have!
We found a new path on our own and its one of the best part of my trip to Hampi!
Enroute snake house
The stepped tank.
Musical pillars of Vittala temple!
The well in Achutaraya temple filled with plastic water bottles! please don’t do this while travelling people! it’s an humble request!
Hemakutta hill is where I saw one the most beautiful sunsets!
Thanks for this wonderful picture from the Girl from Malasiya!

Have you ever visited Hampi? or going to visit Hampi? Let me know what’s your view in the comments section!

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