Living in a small town is quite different from every other kind of lifestyle if you know what I mean. It’s neither a metropolitan city nor a complete village, It’s like getting stuck like a cheese in between a sandwich, all you’ll get is confused when you get into any of the other new environment.
I’ve been to Metropolitan city called Chennai also known as Singara Chennai/Madras many times and the fun fact is I was born in that city and brought up in this small town. And now I also traveled to this village, moreover a panchayat town which is in one part of Kanyakumari, Tamilnadu.
The one thing I felt deep inside is that the appearance is the only thing that looks different from each other and not the hearts of the people! Their way of living is different from each other and not their ultimate goal! Everybody works to their fullest so that there can be food in their table and a house to cover themselves.

Mandaikadu a small village in Kanyakumari district of Tamilnadu, India.
The place gave me vibes of eating freshly fried fishes with lots of chilli spice over it and on the other hand, I was also thinking of my stomach holding that much of chilli powder spice. I was in complete confusion about whether to eat or just take a picture of it. Then I decided it’s worth the risk and It’s a lifetime experience so I took the pole in relay for it. And I was lucky that it didn’t mess my tummy after all and I got to tell that It’s soo tasty and my eyes were shedding tears. The reason behind the tears was the chili powder spice.

The cool Fishermen separating the fishes from the nets

The Fishermen were soo busy separating the fish from the nets and on another side, some fishermen were knitting the nets for their evening hunt for their bounty. It’s around 12:30 PM (IST) and they were soo cool and had a glimpse of me taking a picture of them. My moto was to take a candid picture of them so that it would look soo natural but something special happened here! One fisherman spotted me taking a picture and shouted “hey anga paru photo edukraru! anga parunga elarum!” [TAMIL]. He said that “hey look over there, he’s taking a picture of us so everyone has a look at the camera” with a cool slang. I was like wow!! didn’t see that coming and the best part is the picture was soo cool and I felt that, it’s much better than the candid I thought of taking.
The best part about this trip is that one fisherman just got to amuse me and he started talking for more than an hour all about his life experiences in the Indian ocean and he also said that he has survived many cyclone attacks in his 40 years of fishing life and I was imagining Captain Jack Sparrow from The Pirates of the Caribbean and thinking how he escapes many critical situations like a boss and speaks a funny dialogue irrelevant to that situation, this guy was no different from him. Cracking jokes in the middle taking a look at my travel note and claiming he will join me on a road trip one day and in return, I asked him for a ride to the middle of the sea during a cyclone and get me back alive! He laughed wickedly and said “Va da povom! Na irukum bodhu puyal thookiruma una!” [TAMIL]. He said that “come on, let’s go! when I’m there, will the cyclone dare to take you with it!” He said Tata Bye giving a smirky smile with a lot of wrinkles on his eyes and foreheads which made me go into awee moment and made me hug him all of a sudden. He tapped my back and said, Go make this fisherman story popular to the world kid! And never let your dreams down and catch them like we catch these tiny fishes!

Lady selling the fishes giving a smile at a glance thinking I’m a journalist

The fishermen doing their jobs perfectly right? Let’s have a look at the fish selling ladies! Their husband goes for fishing and these women sell it in the market! The crazy part about this place is that you can purchase a bunch of fish at a really low price than purchasing in a city! I saw much variety of fishes in this market too! This place is soo fishy fishy!

The salty sea breeze!

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