Why? Why? Why? Why did I get this idea?
Frankly, I don’t know and this is not even a tourist place, right? well, if you keep thinking like this then you might be missing some wonderful places around Tamil Nadu, India. Manapad situated in Tuticorin, India is a kind of place with a scenic view of the sea. The salt waters thriving to get into the land and getting back vigorously is one epic view to look after.
The Holy Cross Church of Manapad is soo much popular for its amazing Portuguese architecture.

The planted cross on the hillock of Manapad, Tuticorin

During 1540s a Portuguese captain, with the broken mast of the same ship that safely saw all ashore, planted a cross on the hillock of Manapad. Now, the captain’s cross is located behind the alter.
Later in 1542, St. Francis Xavier erecting a chapel housing the captain’s cross with a wattled structure offered Holy mass. And in 1581, Rev. Fr. John de Salanova S.J laid the foundation stone for the Holy Cross Church and after the completion of the church, the first Holy Mass was offered on the 14th of September 1582.
Now the Church is renovated and paved with tiles and has a large parking area for vehicles. It’s our duty to preserve precious things right?

The sea and it’s thriving salt water trying to take it’s place on land

I could’nt move from this divine place and seriously I got goosebumps during the Prayer started. The most shocking view for me was seeing Jesus Christ’s sculpture lying in a glass coffin which made me speecless for more than minutes. I came out of church and got some air and setting straight to Uvari.

Here comes our Uvari!

According to Tamil history, the citizens of Uvari were called Bharathar’s of the Neithal(Ocean) world. It was ruled by the Pandyan Dynasty and during the 1530s, Portuguese and Spanish missionaries from Goa arrived and converted many Bharathars to the Roman Catholic religion.
Uvari has a great history in showing it’s religious importance and it is one of the oldest settlements in the state. Uvari is situated in Tirunelveli near Kanyakumari, India.
Uvari is famous for it’s St. Andrew’s church and Kappal matha church, the one that is built in the form of a ship. Another spectacular thing about Uvari is, it’s beach! If you are a beach lover and love to take nature pictures, this is your destination! A village with a lot of content right? You can also spot many fishermen boats around the beach and have a view at the church from the beach and it is told that Kappal matha will be the protector of the village and its people!

Kappal Matha Church having its majestic look! Am I right?

The locals here are so much friendly and you can also get to see some patrol officers doing their duty in the Beachside! I was enjoying this sight with Mango slices with sprayed chilly powder over it.

The place where the Boats reign! What a view to be cherished by!

The main thing about these two places have in common are they carry a lot of history along with their unimaginable human creations which will leave you in greater awe which you should never fail to experience it.

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  1. Your experience with the absolute amount of research work shows your passion towards Travel Blogging. I’m waiting to cherish more unspoken places through your journey.

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