Being an engineering student, I deeply felt inside thinking and questioning me, is this the life you wanted? Is this what you desired and been longing all these years? Seeing yourself becoming a person whom you wished you should never be?
This thought in my mind gave me thousands of sleepless nights you could’ve never even imagine! And I hope most of the students studying engineering deals with this kind of situation in their life at least at any point, studying a course which they never wanted, having many dreams and hopes of a better satisfying job, and doing what you love is still a dream for many.

Giving up on dreams for the situation of parents and family, and due to the responsibilities you have for your family, As for me I think this is the 80% reason for an Indian kid to move away from his dreams and get into pursuing the career he never thought he would go through when he was a kid !
Everyone wishes that they could become what they dream to be, whether an artist, engineer, pediatric, a teacher, a traveler, or even a scuba diver! But the question is do they become a person they always wanted to become?
Okay, enough of boring questions and let us open our eyes and heart for this world! I’m also in the same situation you guys are, and I’m from a middle-class family where I’m the only single prince for my lovely parents! And guess the fun part, I wanted to explore each and every corner of this world and meet all kinds of people where this, whole travel tourism agencies fail to cover! And this usual problem arose in my family when I completed my higher secondary studies and you guys could’ve guessed my problem! My parents asked me whatcha gonna study son? “TRAVEL JOURNALISM” I replied within 0.01 microseconds I guess, and after all I wanted to travel and that’s all I wanted since my grade 11th.
And my parents were shocked and they gave me an instant reply, “you needed a base for your future so better choose the correct one” and I thought they were giving me a chance to change my opinion to something else from travel journalism and I replied, nope I’m sure about this choice. Then the noise aroused “are you out of your mind? you better choose engineering and then study whatever you wanted after you completed UG studies” and I was like, what just happened right now? and started to yell back at them in disappointment and ran straight into my room and i closed the door fiercely and started to cry, I know being a boy and crying is kind of childish but i did and i started studying engineering and picked “mechanical engineering” which is often called as the badass department in India and now I’m in my final year of completing my studies and i still couldn’t give my dreams and hopes for traveling!

During my 5th semester holidays i picked up my rucksack and asked my parents to give me permission for my short solo trip to my nearest place, and again the shouting started and this time i fought back hard and asked my freedom and almost begged for this two days trip and finally they accepted and i was told to give status report of myself every half an hour ! I was like, “finally some wind of freedom”, and i was telling this freedom line at least for every hour. Isn’t it soo good feeling when you start to go on a quest towards which you’ve always dreamt of ? I was on cloud nine ! and after my return, unexpected happened my parents came and hugged me with fear and relief of my return! And that moment i realized that they were so scared of my safety and panicked all the time about my being, that moment i got a black spot inside my heart and that’s called fear of letting my parents hug, i don’t know how to explain that feeling and i hope you can get what I’m trying to explain. But something has to be done in order to reach your goals and i felt like I must go explore but with the support of my parents sending me off wholeheartedly. It’s one hard task but since that first solo travel journey i went, the roads were telling me that this is your home and you belong here on the road traveling around the globe. I went to some places on my own in my semester holidays and I’m still trying to figure out a way to satisfy my parents because i could also give my whole heart to nature only if i don’t leave any part of my heart behind me with my parents.
This is the beginning of my story and my story is always left with a cliffhanger, and I’m taking you guys with me on my every single travel i do!

Beauty of Munnar, Kerala, India

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